Jefferson-Morgan School District

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Jefferson-Morgan School Police Department

The Jefferson-Morgan School District employs 2 full-time School Police Officers.


The primary mission of the department is the safety and security of Jefferson-Morgan School District students, staff, and faculty. 


The jurisdiction of the Jefferson-Morgan School Police Officers is within all schools, buildings, and upon all property of the school district.  That jurisdiction also applies to all buses and official transportation of the Jefferson-Morgan School District no matter the physical location of the vehicle.


The district has sworn, armed Police Officers assigned to both school buildings during the school day. 


Our Jefferson-Morgan School Police help to keep our schools safe by coordinating and enforcing school security and law enforcement matters.  Additionally, the School Police Officers help to educate students throughout the year on a variety of age-appropriate topics, such as underage drinking, retail theft, safe driving education, and substance abuse.

Our Jefferson-Morgan School Police Officers are not in our schools solely to react to situations, but they are equally there to be proactive, diminishing the need to be reactive. The Officers are present in all schools, working with students to build positive relationships, and helping to identify and stem problems before they can escalate.  Our Jefferson-Morgan School Police Officers help to keep the lines of communication open between students, families, administration, and law enforcement.


Jefferson-Morgan School Police Officers also assist the district with refining and enhancing its safety procedures.


Our Pennsylvania-certified Jefferson-Morgan School Police Officers have 50 years of combined experience in state law enforcement with the Pennsylvania State Police. Our Jefferson-Morgan Police Officers are granted under the authority of law the powers to arrest.


Additional JMSD School Police Information


JMSD Policy #315- School Police

JMSD Policy #226- Searches

JMSD Policy #227- Controlled Substances/Paraphernalia



Jefferson-Morgan School Police Personnel



Brian Shuba(left)- School Police Chief

[email protected]

724-883-2310 ext.


Michael Hertig (right)- School Police Officer

[email protected]

724-883-2310 ext. 1239