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Meet the Teacher Night 2024-2024 is Monday, August 19, from 5-7 pm for MS/HS and 6-8 pm for ES

“Home of the Rockets”

Athletics Director –Bruce Ellsworth,724-883-2310,  [email protected]
We are thrilled to announce that Bruce Ellsworth will be joining us as the new Athletic Director starting June 1st, 2024. A familiar face in our community and a proud alumnus of Jefferson-Morgan High School, Bruce brings a wealth of experience and passion to this role. Bruce's journey with us comes with a 20-year tenure at Consol Energy, where he currently serves as the Warehouse Manager for the Bailey Preparation Plant. His academic foundation in Business Management was laid right here in Greene County, at Waynesburg College.
For over a decade, Bruce has been at the forefront of youth sports in our community, guiding young athletes in baseball, basketball, and soccer. As the founder and head coach of a travel baseball team, he has showcased the talent of Greene County on numerous stages. His commitment to our youth extends through his service on the boards of JM Youth Baseball and JM Youth Basketball, not to mention his role as Vice President of the JM varsity baseball boosters. Bruce's coaching credentials are equally impressive, with experience as an assistant and head coach in various capacities within our very own Jefferson-Morgan sports programs. Bruce, along with his wife Sarah, sons Jaymison and Brayden, their 10-year-old turtle Curtis, and their beloved puppy Oliver, reside in Rices Landing. When not on the field or court, Bruce enjoys golf, cheering on the Pittsburgh Pirates, and making precious memories with his family.
In order for a student to participate in athletic programs in the Jefferson-Morgan School District, they must meet age, attendance, and academic performance requirements put in place by the district, PIAA, and the National Federation of High Schools. Attached are the rules and regulations that we expect all Jefferson-Morgan Athletes to follow.

Ethics and Eligibility


Director of Athletics –Bruce Ellsworth, [email protected]



Athletics should foster clean sports. It in the privilege and duty of every person connected with athletics to exemplify high standards in his/her own actions and advocate them in others. This includes, the coaches, players, fans, administrators, and officials. Some guidelines that are expected at Jefferson-Morgan include the following:

  1. Unsportsmanlike or unfair means to gain an advantage are not to be used.
  2. Student spectators represent their school as well as the players and should conduct themselves accordingly.
  3. Decisions of the officials are to be abided by, even if they seem unfair.
  4. Visiting teams are to be treated as guests of the home team.
  5. The practice of “booing” is regarded as discourteous and unsportsmanlike.




Jefferson-Morgan’s interscholastic athletic program is conducted in accordance with the existing

Board of Education policies, rules, and regulations. It is also governed by the rules of the

Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association. The following eligibility rules

highlight and summarize the major requirements that must be met to participate in

athletics. It does not list every rule and regulation in detail. The Principal of your school

is responsible for certifying the eligibility of all students representing your school in

interscholastic athletics. Questions of rules not addressed here should be directed to the

building Principal or Athletic Director.


  1. AGE


A pupil shall be ineligible for interscholastic athletic competition upon reaching the age

of nineteen years unless the age of 19 is attained on or after July 1. In such instances, the

pupil is eligible, age wise, to compete that school year. (15 years of age for competition

in grades 7 and 8).




You must be regularly enrolled in your school and in full-time attendance. If you are absent from school during a semester for a total of 20 or more school days, you will lose eligibility until you have been in attendance for a total of 45 school days following your 20th  day of absence.




You are eligible to participate in athletics only if an approved parent/guardian form (JMHS Physical Packet) to your participation in the particular sport involved is on file. In addition to

this consent form you are eligible to participate only if you have had a physical examination by a licensed physician or other PIAA approved licensees before you begin practice for your sports season. Each parent is advised there is an inherent risk of injury in every sport in which an athlete participates.




A student can participate in PIAA sponsored sports unless they have insurance and the insurance form is filled out in its entirety in the physical packet.




In order to be eligible to participate in an interscholastic athletic contest, a pupil must be

an amateur in the sport involved. An amateur athlete is one who engages in athletic competition solely for the pleasure, educational, mental, physical, and social benefits derived there from. Acceptance of gifts, gift certificates, and/or contracts to endorse products of any nature will  jeopardize your amateur status.




Athletes may be dismissed from the team or have disciplinary action taken for any of the



  1. Failure to comply with eligibility requirements.
  2. Failure to meet academic or attendance requirements.
  3. Continued discipline problems either in school or in sport or sports in which

they participate.

  1. Unsportsmanlike conduct at events such as profanity, abusive remarks, attempts to do harm to others, display of emotional instability; or acts detrimental to the welfare of the team, school, or others.
  2. Failure to attend practices without approved excuses, coaches’ discretion.
  3. Accumulation of limited number of excused absences, coaches’ discretion.
  4. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the coach, school, or sport.
  5. Possession or use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or any controlled substances.
  6. Defiance towards coaches
  7. Racial or ethnic slurs at any member of the team or opponent’s team or fans Each dismissal is subject to review by the High School Principal and the Athletic Director. Students who are dismissed from the team for any reasons relinquish the rights and benefits of the team.
In order for a student to participate in athletic programs in the Jefferson-Morgan School District, they must complete and return the Jefferson-Morgan Athletic/Medical Clearances Packet and return it to the Athletic Director, Mr. Bruce Ellsworth.

Prospective student athletes are also required to have a current medical physical in order to participate in any PIAA sponsored sport offered at Jefferson-Morgan. Please fill out in it's entirety.

The Jefferson-Morgan School District Athletic/Medical Clearances Packet can be obtained from either the High School Office or through the Jefferson-Morgan Copy Rooms. All forms can also be downloaded from the links below