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NCAA Information

NCAA Information

NCAA Eligibility Center

 NCAA Eligibility CenterThe NCAA Eligibility Center (formally the NCAA Clearinghouse) is the body associated with the NCAA to determine your freshman eligibility for NCAA1 and NCAA2 colleges and universities.

The Eligibility Center evaluates your academic transcripts and assesses whether you have completed the appropriate core classes needed for NCAA1 (16 core classes) and/or NCAA2 (14 core classes) eligibility. The center will also determine whether you have the minimum grade-point-average to couple with your SAT and/or ACT standardized tests to deem you eligible for your freshman year.

The cost for the registration is $50 but if you qualify for a fee waiver for the SAT and ACT you may be eligible for a fee waiver for the Eligibility Center. Please see the Guidance Counselor for more information. It is important to not leave the Eligibility Center as a last minute thought during this process.

 To access the NCAA Eligibility Center from our website, please click on the following link: NCAA Eligibility Center