Jefferson-Morgan School District

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Special Education

The Jefferson-Morgan School District is committed to helping students with special needs achieve their educational potential. The district strives to provide services specifically tailored to the assessed needs of a student and attempts to deliver those services in the regular education environment as much as possible. Students will learn the general education curriculum with appropriate adaptations, modifications, supports and services in a nurturing, safe and accepting school community that recognizes and celebrates a broad range of talents, abilities and achievements.


Our team goals include:

  • To provide appropriate services to meet the individual learning needs, academically, socially and emotionally, of students.
  • To create programs that are integrally involved with and delivered through general education programs.
  • To comply with state and federal laws governing special education programming.
  • To plan and facilitate the professional development for district staff on compliance, state initiatives and instructional practices.
  • To provide resources and support to parents.